The Top 10 Commandments of Cancer Prevention

The study on cancer prevention is still in its evolving stage. One will come across varied opinions and suggestions about cancer prevention. However, it is a universally accepted fact that the lifestyle you maintain and the choices you make have a lot to do with developing cancer. You could keep a check on preventing cancer if you make a few simple lifestyle changes.  Below mentioned are few of them.

  • Stay away from tobacco usage- If you have the habit of smoking, you need to take measures to quit smoking if you wish to prevent cancer as smoking has been linked to various types of cancer like mouth, lung, throat, bladder, pancreas, etc. You could take a look at EmeraldGrowers as this site will guide you in quitting smoking.
  • Follow a healthy diet- Avoid unhealthy junk and processed foods. You need to include a lot of fruit and vegetables in your diet. You could consume a moderate amount of lean meat and stay away from red meat.
  • Be physically active- Exercising regularly will help in improving your immunity. A healthy weight helps in lowering the risk of cancer such as kidney, breast, lung, prostate, and
  • Take adequate protection from the sun –The most common type of cancer is skin You need to avoid mid-day sun, cover the exposed areas and apply sunscreen lotion whenever you step out.
  • Get a regular checkup done- Regular examination and screenings for different kinds of cancer like colon, breast, skin, and cervix will increase the chance of detecting cancer at an early
  • Limit your alcohol intake- You could consume 2 to 3 drinks in one day.
  • Avoid getting exposed to environmental and industrial toxins like fibers, asbestos, benzene, etc.
  • Practice safe sex- You need to use condoms always while having sex and limit the number of partners.
  • Don’t share needles
  • Avoid unnecessary radiation exposure and get the medical imaging studies when you absolutely need them.