The Dangers of Self Medication You Haven’t Thought About

Very often we pop up pills considering taking them only once in a while won’t harm us. It is human nature to first try and take self-prescribed medicines without consulting the doctors. Many visit the doctor only when they are not getting better with home remedies or with over the counter medicines. These medicines sometimes give you temporary relief but they might have side effects if you keep taking them frequently. Read this article to know why self-medication can be dangerous for you.

1) Correct Diagnosis: We are not medical experts and hence we might not be right about our health diagnosis. Taking self-medication can delay the process if we do not get the right medication on time. All the medicines are to be taken in prescribed dosages; there can be severe side effects if we fail to follow that. Without expert medical advice, we might not find what the correct dosage is.

2) Painkillers and Anti-inflammatory medicines: Taking painkillers or anti-inflammatory medicines frequently or in higher doses can cause acidity, nausea, dizziness, and ulcers and can also cause kidney damage. Taking these medicines frequently can have a psychological effect on your body where sometimes your body won’t be able to function without these medicines. This is a severe side effect and needs medical attention. If you want to know more about these symptoms visit OntarioDrugRehabs.

3) Antibiotics: Many prefer to take un-prescribed antibiotics to quickly treat cold, cough and other similar infections. Continuous and unnecessary use of antibiotics can lead to an increase in bacteria strains which in turn can lead resistance to antibiotics. This restricts your body from fighting the infection when it is actually needed.

4) Herbal medicines: We often think herbal medicines are completely safe even if taken in frequent doses. These medicines are safe only if taken in appropriate dosages and can cause severe side effects if mixed with other medicines.