The Best Lifestyle Changes for Obesity and Weight Loss

The statistics are alarming!

Only recently, I came across a paper that a nutritionist was writing on the high occurrence of Obesity that countries around the world are experiencing.

In the paper, she states that today there is 50 percent of women folk, 75 percent of men and 25 percent of children are obese. The worrisome fact is that developing countries also have started to have a population that is burgeoning in their weight and that is definitely not a healthy trend. Population demographics that are swelling on weight will only become a liability on the nation’s resources.

Overweight and obesity is not the problem per se:

The real problems are the attendant problems that come in along with these two scary conditions. Lifestyle diseases like heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The sheer scale of this widespread problem has almost taken it to a scale of the epidemic.

The fight has to be aggressive:

The fight against weight has to be aggressive if the battle has to be won on the health front. I have been to a nutritionist when I had conceived and she thought that I was slightly overweight than what is the usual allowance for pregnancy.

Here is what changes she asked me to bring about:

  1. Positive changes in eating habits is a must:

Cutting down on excess carbs and increase proteins is a must to be able to set off the excess calories that are already hoarded in the body;

  1. Including exercise:

Physical activity has to be included systematically to be able to see the difference over a period of time.

  1. Medications:

In case the obesity is morbid, weight loss medication is prescribed to bring the weight to the desired level where the subject can include point number 1 and 2 in their lifestyle.

  1. Bariatric surgery:

This is the last option that is pinned. This approach is taken only if the obesity is so morbid that the weight gain is difficult to tame. One of the main reasons for such conditions could be a defective gene and in some rare condition which is not really in the subject’s control.

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