The 5 Ways You Are Stressing Your Dog Out

Stress is an emotion that not just humans experience but dogs do too. Yes, your dog could be stressed and you might very well be the main reason behind it. Wondering how you might be stressing your dog out? Here are 5 ways in which you could be doing it:

  1. Too Strict

Yes having a dog can be a tiresome task. Constantly having to clean up after a mess is not a joke but if you are going to be too strict and keep yelling at your dog, it might stress him out. He cannot understand everything like a human. You need to keep things organized and clean will just not make sense to him. When he wants to chew, he has to chew; he is a dog after all.

  1. Punishment

If you are punishing your dog for everything, it could be stressing him out. He is a dog and is unable to understand what exactly triggers you and where is the thin line between being a playful dog and a problematic pet. If you keep punishing him to reinforce good behavior, he may not understand at all times.

  1. Physical Touch

Dogs love to hug and cuddle but if they are not comfortable with you, you hugging and holding them may not be well received. If your dog wants to sit on you, let her do so without you squeezing her.

  1. Staring

Staring at your dog for fun also will stress them out. This act is confrontational to them and they are made to feel like they have committed some mistake for which you are responding in this manner. Constantly staring at them without blinking might stress them so much that they might bark and even get aggressive with you.

  1. Wrong Products

If you are giving you big bulldog one of the small dog beds, he is not going to be able to sleep well. Lack of sleep and rest can stress them out too.