The Ultimate Health and Wellness Tips for Students

We all go through college at some point, and we all gain weight at some point, it’s literally called the freshman fifteen for a reason, people can’t be as active anymore due to the stresses of school, nor can they continue eating on a specific diet because of lack of options at a standard university cafĂ©, nor can they go out and eat healthy anymore because of how darn expensive it is. There are still a number of ways you can continue to be somewhat healthy, it won’t be easy at all but it is doable.

The first tip has to be to stop eating as much as you used to, your body will take time to adjust to the fact that you are no longer active as much due to your new schedule, but nonetheless in the time it takes to adjust you’ll be eating far more calories than you’ll be needing to sustain your body. Hence, why it is quite wise to reduce calorie intake by some 20% or even more (if you still manage to gain weight and you are eating healthy foods), if this fails you need to try the next tip.

The next tip is to lower carb intake, carbs are not poison but they do contain a lot of insulin spiking material (which increases weight gain), try limiting to below 50 grams of carbs a day or less than 30 grams of net carbs a day to reduce weight gain and begin reversing it.

Pro tip: Even if you are on a low carb diet/keto diet, you still have to have a calorie deficit! Eating bacon all day won’t work and you’ll gain weight (like I did!), not good!

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