How To Get A Yoga Body?

Do you have an aspiration to get a toned yoga body? What is stopping you from not achieving it? May be you are not following a perfect diet or you have an overloading schedule or you are not able to strike a balance between your eating habits and other lifestyle habits. Before you start learning the yoga poses, you must know how your body syncs with the mind when performing yoga exercises.

Yoga has a significant connection with weight loss. Certain asanas help you burn fat, build and tone muscle and also increase flexibility. Those who want to lose weight can follow programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast and follow yoga exercises to complement the weight loss plan. Both the diet programs excel in providing diet plans that cater to the individual metabolic rate. Medifast is a clinically proven weight loss program that delivers low calorie diet meals. Nutrisystem is very convenient to follow for any kind of people and also people with health conditions like type-2 diabetes. Go through the Jane Seymour comparison of two programs and sign up for the most suitable plan.

There are different yoga exercises for improving muscle strength, posture, flexibility and stamina. People have to balance with the personal and work life and they will have to face a lot of challenges to lead the life smoothly. Yoga exercises help you in reducing your anxiety levels and improve your level of concentration. The yoga workouts relieve you from stress and relax your muscles. Certain yoga exercises help you shed belly fat, tone your abdominal muscles, correct your posture and also build lean muscle mass. It has greater benefits and unlike other sports, it helps in improving your body’s flexibility, posture and provides strength training. Performing yoga exercises in the morning hours provides you with a lot of health benefits. It is also recommended that initially you perform them with the help of a qualified trainer.…

1000 To 1200 Calorie Diet

If you are unable to wear your favorite jeans and it is confined to a corner of your wardrobe, it is now time to take over a 1000 or 1200 calorie diet plan. A 1000 calorie diet plan is suitable for women who have a smaller built and not into any workout regimen. Following this plan, the dieters will take totally 1000 calories a day and lose weight fast in a short span of time. However, you will have to consult your health care provide if this plan is suitable for you or not. Women weighing more than 165 lbs and have been active should follow at least a 1200 calorie diet plan.

It is a tedious task to calculate the amount of calories you intake daily in order to stay within the range and lose weight. You can opt for diet programs like Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, etc who make the job easier for you. Both the weight loss programs have good track record though they operate in a different way. Weight Watchers assigns point values to the kind of food you eat daily and calculates your weight loss progress. This process is not found in Nutrisystem as the foods delivered by them are portion and calorie controlled. Weight Watchers allows you to choose your own foods including junk foods like fires and burgers. Nutrisystem also offers menu customization facility where you will be able to choose the favorite ones from the lot available. To know about how these diet planners differ in offering diet plans visit

Sample menu of 1000 calorie diet plan

Early morning: Warm water with apple cider vinegar (6 cal)

Breakfast: A bowl of fruits along with two boiled egg whites (86 cal)

Pre-lunch: 100 grams of low fat yoghurt (154 cal)

Lunch: Lettuce taco with yoghurt sauce (351)

Post-lunch: 1 bowl of watermelon (46 cal)

Evening snack: Green tea and two digestive biscuits (142 cal)

Dinner: Vegan salad topped with fat-free dressing (221)…