Are Skin Tags a Sign of Poor Health? Here’s The answer

People often get concerned about skin tags appearing in various places in their body. Sometimes these skin tags can turn dark which might seem like a case for concern, but in fact, this is just result of the tag getting twisted. Skin tags are widely considered benign, so if have any that might be no immediate need of concern. But research shows even though skin tags are harmless, they might be an underlying cause of a bigger health issue.


Obesity has been linked to many grave illnesses and skin tags might just be a symptom of this. Researchers have found a significant link showing a correlation between skin tag and insulin levels. The imbalance of insulin function is one of the major reasons obesity crops up in so many people.


Most people do not need skin tags to tell them that they are obese, but diabetes is one of the diseases that is known as the silent killer. Since skin tags are related to obesity, they can be a major concern for people as they might also be symptomatic of this disease.


The prevalence of skin tags is not related to cancer. Skin tags are considered benign tumors of the skin. But precaution should be taken in noticing if there is a change in the size of the skin tags from how it looked a month ago.

If you are concerned about skin tags visit a medical professional. Try to incorporate healthier options in diet and cut off junk food, exercise regularly, and if you are concerned about pollution to get an air purifier, if you are concerned about the electricity bill there are great air compressors for home garage you can utilize to keep your home powered and your body healthy.