10 Surprising Things You Can Make In A Panini Press

The Panini press is made to press and grill sandwiches, but this can create wonders performing a lot more things efficiently. Here is the list of 10 surprising things that you can make in a Panini Press.

  1. Bacon

You can make bacon in just two minutes time with the help of Panini press. It neither requires any dishes nor creates a mess.

  1. Grilled Chicken

It takes only 4 minutes to make grilled chicken with the ½ inch thick chicken breast in Panini press.  Brush the chicken breasts with oil before putting them in the Press. Do not brush oil if marinated.

  1. Hash Browns

If you want to serve tasty hash browns to your friends, then all you need is a Panini press. Take shredded hash browns and add melted butter, salt, and pepper to it. Cook until it becomes crisp uniformly and turn into golden brown on both the sides.

  1. Reheat cold pizza

You don’t have to eat soggy pizza anymore. Reheat your pizza in Panini press until the cheese starts oozing out.

  1. Ice-cream sandwich

You can make an ice-cream sandwich by putting ice-cream in between the two nicely grilled crisp and golden brown cookies prepared in the Panini press.

  1. Bake Brownie

You can easily bake brownie with the help of a shallow pan that fits in the Panini press.

  1. Mini Cakes

Baking mini cakes are really easy in Panini press. You also need ramekins to make it.

  1. Mini grilled croutons

You can grill mini cheese croutons in Panini press for soups and salads.

  1. Fresh French fries

Now, there is no need to throw away the leftover fries as you can make them crisp after keeping few minutes in a Panini press.

  1. Homemade waffle cones

The making of waffle cones is very easy in the Panini press, and waffle cones are perfect for all kinds of ice-cream.

The options are still many like grilled smashed potatoes, doughnut chips, spinach omelet, grilled vegetables, grilled salmon, grilled hamburgers, croissant French toast, Nutella waffle sandwich cookies, grilled fruit, flatbread, etc. To know the easy way to keep your pannini press clean just click here.